Tuesday, September 25, 2012

National Preparedness Week - Task Update

Last week I posted a list of items you can easily take care of by the end of September, which is designated as National Preparedness Month.  Here is an update on what I have accomplished.

1.  Copying all vital information and a video and excel inventory to a flash drive in your fire safe.

I have not completed any part of this.  I hope to enlist my son to help me this weekend.

2.  Start copy canning food.

 We did this when we went to the store this week with peanut butter and other stuff that for some reason we only buy one at a time, but we constantly keep on the shopping list because we run out.  We now have a month's worth of peanut butter and other extra foods on hand in the pantry.

3. Buy a dependable flashlight for everyone in the house. 

Accomplished.  We have two new NEBO CSI Edge flashlights and a Mini Maglite LED with plenty of batteries on hand.   One is in my wife's nightstand, the other is in mine, and my son has another in his room.

4.  Resolve to never let your car's gas tank fall below half before re-filling it. Buy a five gallon gas can, a small bottle of Stabil, and fill the can with gas and fuel stabilizer.

I have an additional five gallons of fuel stored and stabilized in my outbuilding, and I have kept the cars' tanks above half.

5.  Begin withdrawing $20 from the bank every payday and storing it in a safe place. 

Done and stored in the fire safe.   That way I can't spend it on lunch on a whim and it is safeguarded from destruction from fire.

How are you doing?

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