Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Are We Ready for the Zombie Economic Crash?

I have read posts in multiple forums related to The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead where viewers have stated that "well, in The Walking Dead universe, people have never heard of zombies, and in real life if zombies existed we would be much more prepared."

The central conceit of The Walking Dead universe is that zombies are not a part of the culture.   There was never a Night of the Living Dead or its sequels, the comic book version of the show -- none of it exists in the show's universe.

I disagree with the notion that we would be more prepared in "real life," and I will use the economy as an example. We have a history of boom and bust economic cycles, and yet people are always shocked when they happen. The last crash in 2008 was in the making in at least 2006 due to the collapse of the subprime lending market, but most of the country only noticed it when the effects became severe in 2008.

How many of your friends who are not preppers were aware of the next impending economic crash before the stock market imploded a couple of weeks ago? How many know the world is in the process of dumping the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency and the net effects that will have on or nation?

The vast majority of people operate under the normality bias that our economy and our standard of living will always be high and that things will continue as they always have.  Nothing could be further from the truth, and the true fragility of our world economic system is once again being highlighted.

Zombies are fictional. Economic crises are factual.  So how will you survive an economic collapse?  

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