Monday, October 5, 2015

Gear Review: Blue Hawk 10-Gallon Tote

Preppers are always looking for a way to store supplies economically and in a way that takes advantage of available space.   One of the places where we can house extra gear is under the bed.   For this, we need a storage solution that is secure, waterproof, insect-proof, critter-proof, and have a shallow, pan-like design.

I became intrigued by the plastic storage totes used by My Patriot Supply, a relative newcomer in the long term storage food industry (I have no relationship with this company nor am I endorsing them as I have never sampled their products; I simply like their totes) and I began looking for a similar product to use in storing my preparedness supplies. 

After searching, I found the Blue Hawk brand totes carried by Lowe's Home Improvement Centers.  I bought a pair one day and took them home to try out.  They measure 7.13 inches high by 25 inches wide by 17.5 inches deep, meaning that one could store several under a queen or king sized bed.   The plastic seems durable, with extra "spines" built into the corners to help hold it together at that critical stress point. 

The two I bought immediately went into use storing some Mountain House meals,  a couple gallon-sized mylar bags of rice I processed using a vacuum sealer and oxygen absorbers, a couple of spare can openers, and some meats, and other assorted sealed food items. This freed up space in my pantry as well as decentralizing some of my food storage out of the kitchen area.  The second tote, in addition to some food items, contains a spare two quart sauce pot I've had since my college days and spare paper plates and bowls along with plastcware to eat with as well.  The idea was to get several days of food along with the means to prepare and eat it (except for the water) into a modular packet I could chuck out the back window if needed.  About once a month or so I review the contents so that the foodstuffs -- especially the canned items -- does not expire unused.  My family could last a few days on nothing but the contents of these two totes if needed.

All in all, I have been very happy with the totes.  The unique size is ideal for under the bed storage, and the stack-able nature owing to the recessed lids is a desirable feature, but not one I need for my application.  The price is a bit high at $8.98 USD but doable.

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