Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Toilet Paper: You don't know what you got 'til it's gone

I found an interesting Amazon Deal of the Day in my news feed this morning:  Angel Soft two-ply tissue, 80 rolls, for $49.99.  Not a bad deal, especially if you have Amazon Prime for free shipping, and it got me thinking about little comfort items we never seem to think about when prepping.

We have paper bowels and plastic cutlery for eating in a grid down situation when washing dishes might not be possible, and we have tons of paper towels and trash bags in our house, but when I started looking at toilet paper, we were pretty low.  Assuming we were bugging in and the toilets still worked, we had enough for perhaps seven days.   I made a note to get some more, and indeed I may be taking Amazon up on this deal.  That's a lot of wiping right there, and it sure beats a magazine page.

If you have females in the house, how about feminine hygiene products?   Do you have enough to last or is it usually a regular on the shopping list? Many times there are discount coupons for those items in local newspapers or online.  If you are the man of the house and you are the primary prepper, do some research and figure out what products the women in the house use, discreetly, then stock up.  You will be their hero.

What about everyday items like shampoo, soap, and razors?  Going to the other end of the house, how is your supply of laundry detergent looking?  Sure there are people who make their own, but if you aren't into that, why not stock up? We're not prepping  just for the end of the world.  What if there is an economic crisis that disrupts the supply chain and the products you want simply are not available?

What other items are sometimes left off your prepping supply list?

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