Friday, January 15, 2016

Prices Soaring in Canada; U.S. Next?

There is a good story on SHTF Plan regarding the collapse of Canada's currency being reflected in a rise in the prices of basic household goods like laundry detergent, pepper, and fresh vegetables. The collapse of the oil market has crippled Canada's economy and sent their currency into a dive in value. 

Because of this, prices of goods, especially imported goods (80 percent of the country's fresh vegetables are imported) have skyrocketed in a short time.   This is what a currency collapse looks like.

For Americans, this is a cautionary tale.   Our money supply has been expanded by the Federal Reserve to help spur the economic growth we do have.   Right now the world is in the process of dumping our dollar as the reserve currency for trade.  When that happens, the demand for our dollars drops, and the value of our money will drop as well, increasing prices the way things have gone in Canada. 

Stock up now on essential goods to try to hedge against the inflation that is looming in our economy like a shark circling a bleeding swimmer.

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