Friday, October 7, 2011

Basic Definition of Emergencies

 Where do you start with preparedness?  For me, the first place I started was by doing a threat analysis.   Generally speaking here are the four types of crises or emergencies:

  • Home burns down
  • Lose a job or a source of income
  • Car breaks down
  • Major illness
  • Divorce or death of an immediate family member
  • Home invasion/mugging
  • Flood
  • Snowstorm 
  • Tornado
  • Utility outage (power, gas, water, etc.)
  • Localized civil disturbance
  • Hurricane or other large weather disturbance
  • Regional outbreak of  illness
  • Riots/Civil unrest over a large area
  • Wider, large spread utility outage last more than a couple of days
  • Suspension of travel due to disaster/government restrictions following an event (see my post here about the movie Contagion).
  • Drought/crop failure 
  • Worldwide pandemic
  • Disruption of the delivery of petroleum and other energy sources.
  • Large scale weather event.
  • Worldwide drought/crop failure
  • Terrorist attack with weapons of mass destruction, including the use of an electromagnetic pulse to destroy the electric grid.
  • Total societal breakdown 
We'll take a look at each of these levels of emergencies, some examples of what a person may face, and how to prepare for it.   We'll start small at personal disasters and build from there. 

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